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Global Marine Technology Trends 2030

What’s next? It’s a simple question to ask, but it’s not so simple to answer. Along with our stakeholders, we are constantly scanning the horizon to see what’s coming, and what the future will hold for our world, our business and our lives. The answers are not immediately evident and, as we demonstrated in Global Marine Trends 2030 and Global Marine Fuel Trends 2030, there is never a single well-defined future.
The future poses many challenges but also opens many new opportunities. World trade is expanding. Shipping as its workhorse is undergoing a transformation and facing huge challenges in maintaining competitiveness. The shipping industry is constantly searching for cost-effective technology and business solutions to ‘future-proof’ their fleet and assets. The rule of the market economy – constant operational change to meet changing customer needs – is forever putting pressures on ship operators. Technologies can help in solving the environmental challenges and improving operational efficiency in the business world of the 21st century. With the explosion of consumption demanded by the growing middle classes from developing countries, the demand for raw materials, food and energy production will increase. With land-based resources depleting rapidly, attention will necessarily turn to ocean space for alternatives; efforts here will require sustainable technologies to protect the environment.(…)

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